Premier Support – a planned guarantee for unplanned challenges


A computer breaks down in your company, and the service technician glances at the warranty card and reluctantly promises to fix it within a few weeks. But the work takes much longer than planned, so you end up losing not only your faith in the skills of the technicians, but also a significant part of your company’s resources. Sound like an unenviable but familiar situation? Lenovo takes the hassle out by offering special warranty offers that you can get when you buy your computer equipment from official Lenovo partners.

Every Lenovo device is sold with a certain level of Lenovo Support service – Depot, Onsite or Premier – so before you even unpack your new purchase, you’re already assured of being taken care of in the event of a failure. Depot and Onsite Support levels provide call centre support for standard failures, as well as call centre operators for unique situations. These service levels come with a standard after-sales service that includes parts and repairs, but the location of the repairs varies. Lenovo Depot Support means that if your computer equipment breaks down, you will have to take it to a service centre. Lenovo OnSite Support, on the other hand, deals with the transportation concern differently – during a breakdown, all service is performed at the employee’s workplace, and if this is not available, the device is safely transported for repair.

A much wider range of services is provided by the highest level of Lenovo Premier Support service. With this service, you can rest assured that Lenovo’s team of technicians will take care of any challenges quickly and efficiently from A to Z, saving you money on equipment and maintenance and allowing you to focus on strengthening your business.

With Premier Support, comprehensive technical support is available at any time of the day or night, with service and repair parts on a priority basis. Comprehensive hardware and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software support is available for the entire duration of your Premier Support plan.

With Asset Tag, your device is easily recognised by the Premier Support call centre anywhere in the world. Finally, when you need to repair your equipment, there’s a one-stop-shop approach, so every step of the repair of your broken hardware is handled by a dedicated person.

Lenovo also reminds you that if you purchase Lenovo hardware with Depot or Onsite Support, you can easily “upgrade” to Premier Support with just the serial number of your device and a few minutes on

Not sure what level of Lenovo Support is available for the device you want to buy? Don’t hesitate to contact Lenovo’s official partners to help you find the best deal!

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