Time for a quality holiday: what does Lenovo have in store for tablet fans?


As at work, as at home. Or in other words, it’s a good idea to choose good computing equipment not only for work but also for leisure. Lenovo, which sets high standards for both, presents a wide range of tablets, including both devices that are beloved by tech enthusiasts and new products that will soon be on the shelves. 

 Lenovo M Series tablets for the whole family are for those looking for a budget-friendly device with serious performance.  The tiny Lenovo Tab M8 Gen4, with its 8-inch diagonal display, lets you enjoy video content in HD and has enough battery power for a full day of entertainment. But it’s Lenovo’s security solutions, focused on quality and uninterrupted relaxation, that are most impressive here. A special reading mode is suitable for those who love e-books and protects your eyesight from harmful light. Google Family Link and Google Kids access are designed for safer device use, ensuring that the little ones in your family can enjoy the content that encourages creativity and keeps them safe from harm. Meanwhile,  the device has automatic security updates for up to three years after purchase.

For those who want the same security solutions but with a bigger screen, the Lenovo Tab M10 Gen3 is worth a look. With a 10.6″ diagonal, 2K IPS display and Dolby Atmos surround sound, it’s geared towards fans of movies and TV series, and with the optional Lenovo Precision Pen 2 pen and Lenovo Instant Memo app, it’s fun to create your own content on screen. It’s ultra-lightweight yet rugged, with an aluminum body that makes the Lenovo Tab M10 Gen3 useful not only at home but also on the go. Especially as the processor and battery power are enough for all-day activities. 

The Lenovo Tab M9, which will join the M Series later this year with a 9″ diagonal display, fits perfectly in the middle. The LCD display, which reaches up to 400 nits brightness, is specially designed for watching Netflix in HD, while Dolby Atmos takes care of the sound quality. A solid-looking and sturdy metal body ensures the device’s durability, while facial recognition keeps the Lenovo Tab M9 safe from prying eyes. This tablet comes to market with a serious MediaTek Helio G80 processor, interactive Google Lens, and an Immersive Reading mode for a traditional reading experience. 

Those who are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do have already heard about Lenovo’s P series tablets. For example, the Lenovo Tab P11 Gen2 has a split-screen mode for two different activities at the same time and is perfect for when you want an extra screen with your laptop. The 11.5-inch diagonal, 2K resolution screen is large enough for all your entertainment needs, and the quick-charging feature ensures that your device doesn’t run out of power. This tablet also comes with a dedicated, vision-saving feature for reading enthusiasts and an ergonomic virtual keyboard. 

Want even more features and display? The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is worth checking out with Lenovo Project Unity, which lets you use your tablet, laptop, and smart pen at the same time. The 12.6-inch diagonal display and 2K AMOLED invite you to experience new standards of image quality, while the 600 nits of brightness make it a pleasure to use even on the sunniest day. With a dynamic video refresh rate of up to 120Hz, it’s a good choice for those who want to use their tablet for movies and TV series as well as video games.  The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is designed for use with the optional Lenovo Precision Pen 3 smartpen. 

The Lenovo Tab Extreme, which is moving towards notebook functionality, is set to be one of Lenovo’s most intriguing new products. With a diagonal of 14.5 inches and 500 nits brightness, the OLED display with a 13MP camera outclasses its market rivals in terms of capacity but not weight. With an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor and 256GB of easily expandable memory, it’s made for a wide range of activities. The relatively lightweight device also comes with a special rugged stand for the Extreme Keyboard and Smart Pen, and the battery lasts for up to 12 hours of continuous use. 

Finally, Lenovo introduces the Lenovo Smart Paper, launching later this year, which innovatively combines tradition with the latest technology. The nearly 11-inch diagonal display with E-ink technology is coated with a special matt anti-glare coating, making it easy to use in both unlit rooms and in sunlight. Memory settings and battery life are relevant for those who like to read e-books and enjoy their tablet without worrying about the charger. It’s a device for a wide range of text, note-taking, and sketching tasks, with as many as 74 different templates installed. Together with nine different smart pen functions and the ability to convert written text, Lenovo Smart Paper lives up to its name.

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