Simplify your CO2 emission control and management using CO2 Offset Service.

We believe that sustainability is a never-ending journey and climate change remains one of the largest challenges of our era. Our liability to our partners does not end with the supply of premium quality products. All together, we aim to make this world just a tad bit more beautiful. This is why we have developed a new type of service for businesses that will allow for reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide during the device production, transportation and operation cycle.

CO2 Offset is the leading sustainability solution in the world!

In cooperation with the United Nations, we have developed a business system aimed at compensating the environmental impact of various devices.

The money that we collect from CO2 Offset will be used to support climate change initiatives by the United Nations, and we promise to always round up in favor of the nature.

Renewable energy is the priority for Lenovo. We contribute to the UN initiatives aimed at the development of sun, wind and biomass energy solutions.



When you place your order for Lenovo products, look for the CO2 Offset in the device hardware configuration. If you cannot find it, please contact your Lenovo manager and discuss the possibility of adding the CO2 Offset service.


At the time of order placement, you may choose one of the climate change projects initiated by the United Nations that you would like to invest in. If you find it difficult to make a choice, leave it for Lenovo to decide.


After the products are ordered and manufactured, Lenovo will inform you about the size of the compensated emissions.


Lenovo CO2 Offset partner finishes the entire process by granting the customer a unique electronic certificate to confirm the compensation and its size.



The CO2 Offset system works because it has been seamlessly integrated into the purchasing process.


We have developed precise methods for calculating the CO2 emission amount for each of our products. This enables an accurate assessment of the levels of carbon dioxide emission during the production, transportation and usage of a device during a period of 5 years.


CO2 Offset is the leading sustainability solution in the world and a unique project in the market as the CO2 compensation is directly related to the purchased product.


An official electronic certificate is generated for each purchased device or group of devices. This certificate is a legal document confirming the contribution of its holder in the fight against the climate change and can thus be used in sustainability reports.


If necessary, CO2 Offset can also be activated for devices you have previously purchased, though no more than 3 years ago.

Reduction of environmental impact is the key priority of our generation.

All of us are allies in this sustainability journey and thus all Lenovo partners are official providers of the CO2 Offset service.

Always check for the CO2 Offset option when choosing a new device or contact your partner to activate this service for any previously purchased products.

CO2 Offset kompensavimo tvarka

Depending on the device specifications and emission, Lenovo offers CO2 compensation plans of 500, 1000 and 1500 kg.

For example, the production, shipping and five-year-long usage of Lenovo X1 Carbon (Gen 9) generated 504 kg of CO2. Lenovo will compensate 1000 kg of CO2 emission for the benefit of the environment.

The money that we collect from CO2 Offset will be used to support climate change initiatives by the United Nations focused on the development of wind, sun and biomass energy solutions.

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