Lenovo introduces the latest display trend – 16″ is the new 15″!


Lenovo ThinkPads can certainly be considered works of art (if not the kind you frame or put behind glass in museums). That’s the thinking behind a new decision among Lenovo’s engineers which essentially kills two birds with one stone: with selected models, the old 16:9 diagonal ratio is replaced with the more display-rich 16:10, which means up to 11% more usable screen space in addition to a significantly smaller bezel. The result is powerful ThinkPads which offer even better image quality and productivity-friendly performance. 

Yes, ThinkPads used to be known for more than just the screen, but now they deserve a place in the productivity hall of fame, for their mobility, security and durability. They are laptops specifically tailored to the demands of hybrid working – lightning-fast internet, durability and long-lasting battery life, low weight and, of course, quality design. All this has been assured by hundreds of MIL-SPEC tests and quality checks that prove ThinkPads are durable even in the harshest conditions. And when it comes to security, Lenovo has ThinkShield solutions (both built-in and optional) for keeping your device protected for the lifetime of your equipment. 

So what do the experts recommend, whether you’re looking to turn your old 15″ into a 16″ diagonal work machine without sacrificing your favourite ThinkPad design, or you’re looking for a new best mate at work? It all depends on the nature of your work and the power requirements of your laptop.

For everyday tasks, go for the reliable Lenovo ThinkPad E16 G1, which, in addition to the aforementioned screen enhancements, also offers a 45W Intel CPU, up to 2TB of memory, 57Whrs of battery life and biometric user recognition. Meanwhile, for those aiming to reach higher heights at a very affordable price, the ThinkBook 16p G4 is a good bet. Not only does it offer 3.2k, 430nit brightness and a 165Hz 100% DCI-P3 Hardware Low-blue-light display, it also comes with the power of Harman/Kardon audio systems, an improved keyboard and a comfortable larger touchpad, not to mention a much larger than usual number of connectors currently on offer in the market. 

The ThinkPad T16 G2 joins the line-up of true work beasts, with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 7000 PRO processors, AMD Pro security standards, a higher resolution 5MP/IR camera and a battery that can handle a full day’s worth of work. At the top of the productivity Olympus, there is the ThinkPad Z16 G2 for true professionals. With this model, the upgrades of a larger screen are complemented by a higher-resolution FHD RGB+ IR camera, a Dolby Atmos Premium audio system, Wi-Fi 6E internet quality, an AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7000 H-series processor, and, last but not least, its convenience element. Weighing just 1.81kg and measuring 15.8mm thin, this ThinkPad is a good ‘deal’ for those looking for a notebook that’s both light and powerful. 

Any news for workstation fans? Oh, definitely yes! The popular ThinkPad P16s G2 (available on the market with both Intel and AMD engines) is also now available in a 16” format – note its good price/performance ratio for students and teachers. With 4K OLED resolution, 400 nits brightness, Nvidia RTX A500 GPU and 2TB PCIe Gen 4 x 4 storage, the most necessary connector is a good option not only for the classroom, but also for after class. For quality-minded developers and engineers, the ThinkPad P16 G1 (available with both Intel and AMD) is worthy of note. It has an improved keyboard, a better cooling system, and a larger display with up to 800 nits of brightness in its repertoire of specifications. 

For artists, content creators or graphic designers, the ThinkPad P1 G6 should be a sound option – it weighs just 1.81kg yet doesn‘t compromise on specs. It comes with an Nvidia RTX 5000 Ada & GeForce RTX 4090 Ada, an OLED resolution touchscreen and 4TB of storage. It also has a generously spaced keyboard and a battery that doesn’t count the hours. And, for professionals looking for the performance option, Lenovo recommends the ThinkPad P16 G2, which comes with the latest generation Nvidia RTX A5000 Ada graphics card, 128GB of DDR5 RAM and 8TB of capacity, among other benefits.

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