Meet in The Moment — Lenovo ThinkSmart for Seamless Conferencing


Hate them or love them, meetings are a part of the corporate culture.

For some, meetings are the bane of their existence, wasting hours talking, shifting blame, and covering up their unpreparedness for information that COULD HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL. With people spending 45 minutes working through the technical kinks to set up their slides Just Right, in the end, showing you 3 poorly cropped pictures they found on Google Images with the captions “Sustainability”, “Growth” and “New Market”…. thanks Jannet…

So, how come smart businesses can conference without everyone feeling like it’s a waste of time? Successfully leveraging conferencing to save employees ~55 minutes of commuting time per day — reducing fatigue, and frustration and increasing their available hours by 12.5% for a standard 8-hour workday?

Well, the answer is — EFFICIENCY.

You shouldn’t keep repeating “Can you see me?”, “Can you hear me?” when remote conferencing and there’s no need to have echo-filled calls with 10 people using their laptops in 1 room, just because the product manager had to work from home. Quick to set up, plug & play interfaces, surround sound microphones, and wide-angle cameras allow you to be anywhere in the room and just talk — separating the annoying conferencing rooms from the ones that are properly utilized to shave hours off the collective workloads of everyone involved.

So, if you’re planning to run a smart business you need to make smart choices for your workspace. Here’s where Lenovo ThinkSmart comes into play — offering everything you need for your conferencing room in 1 package. The best part? These solutions are cross-compatible, – says Adas Liubancas, Sales Manager Executive at Lenovo Baltics.

Conferencing Space Type Recommendation Benefits
Small Rooms ThinkSmart Hub Compact design suits small spaces, clear audio and video capture with a 4K camera once you connect ThinkSmart CAM. Teams calls has never been easier!
Medium Meeting Rooms ThinkSmart Core Kit Bar 180 Panoramic video with ThinkSmart Bar 180 ensures everyone is seen. High-fidelity audio captures clear sound across large spaces. Simplifies connectivity and setup for medium sized groups
Large Conference Rooms ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit Easy to use, facilitating smooth meetings. Supports various connectivity options for comprehensive integration. Enhanced audio and video quality for large-sized groups

Here’s how cross-compatibility manifests in practical terms

Platform Agnostic: Lenovo ThinkSmart devices are engineered to work seamlessly with leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This means you can choose your preferred software without worrying about hardware limitations.

Hardware Harmony: Beyond software, ThinkSmart devices play well with a variety of hardware. Whether you’re using Lenovo PCs, tablets for remote control, or even non-Lenovo devices, the setup is straightforward and intuitive. This eliminates the need for costly replacements or upgrades to your existing infrastructure.

Future-Proofing: With technology evolving at a breakneck pace, cross-compatibility ensures your investment is future-proof. As new platforms emerge or your hardware needs change, ThinkSmart solutions adapt, offering protection against obsolescence.

Simplified IT Management: For IT teams, the uniformity brought by cross-compatible devices translates to simplified management. Updates, troubleshooting, and support become more streamlined, reducing the workload on IT staff and minimizing downtime for users.

The ThinkSmart Advantage

In the modern office, every meeting room has the potential to be a crucible of innovation. Lenovo’s ThinkSmart suite ensures that potential is not just realized but maximized. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a global powerhouse, Lenovo offers not just solutions but a partnership in transforming how the world meets, collaborates, and thrives.

In the end, it’s not about the meetings we have but the connections we make. Let Lenovo ThinkSmart be the bridge to your business’s collaborative future.

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