The new Lenovo Yoga Book 9i – two screens for hundreds of activities


The decision by one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers to defy established design standards and seek new and more exciting solutions has paid off again. At the CES exhibition at the beginning of this year, the new Lenovo Yoga Book 9i won the Best Laptop category.

Consumers who are keen on the latest technologies are increasingly looking for a device that is sufficient for all their different activities – work, play, movies, and the mobility element. And with the flexibility of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i, it’s no surprise that the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is the first dual OLED notebook of its size and will appeal to many. 

Two 13.3″ diagonal, 2.8K resolution OLED PureSight displays with 100% DCI-P3 colour reproduction, Dolby Vision® HDR technology and Lenovo’s standard 16:10 aspect ratio. Moreover, the brightness of both displays can be individually adjusted up to 400 nits. Equipped with these visual features, the Yoga Book 9i is designed for the intuitive, tech-savvy and creative user. For example, five fingers on the screen activate Waterfall mode, allowing all visual content to flow gracefully from one screen to the other. Meanwhile, an eight-finger tap on the screen “summons” the keyboard, with space for a trackpad. 

However, Lenovo doesn’t leave behind those who are more productive with a real keyboard in the lurch, so Yoga Book 9i comes with a smart pen and a magnetically attached, wireless keyboard. Depending on your desired display space, the latter can be conveniently mounted at the bottom of one of the displays or right on the screen itself. In addition, the keyboard also has dedicated keys to change power and sound settings, reduce the background brightness during video calls or switch the screens to night mode. 

Lenovo’s unique engineering solutions give Yoga Book 9i incredible flexibility. It can be used as a laptop or tablet, but the so-called “tent” mode is just as handy. The latter is very useful for presentations, where one screen displays slides, and the other holds all the speaker’s remarks and notes. The two screens are also indispensable for video streaming, where it’s important to see both the broadcast image and the chat channel. A special origami holder is available for even more convenience, giving you at least a few options for creating stable and sturdy support for your computer. 

Much attention has also been paid to the speakers, built into the hinges connecting the two displays. This unusual positioning pays off handsomely, especially when the sound system is handled by industry giants such as Dolby Atmos® and Bowers & Wilkins®. The audio quality is designed to please cinema lovers, while the dual screens conveniently allow you to watch a film and search for facts about it simultaneously. 

With so many activities and functions available, it’s no surprise that the battery life of the Yoga Book 9i is in question. However, there will be plenty of it since Lenovo’s latest innovation comes with the latest generation Intel Gen 13th Core i7-U15 processor and Intel Iris® Xe graphics card. With 16GB of working memory and 512GB to 1TB of hard drive space, the Yoga Book 9i is as powerful as a business-class notebook, and its 80Wh battery ensures you’ll enjoy all the benefits all day long. 

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