How to get Premier Support?

A phone call An immediate solution to a problem
E-ticket Request via - response within 4h. And then we deal with your request

Lenovo Premier Support -

fast and efficient management of your hardware challenges!

Lenovo’s team of elite technicians will quickly and effectively manage and eliminate your challenges from A to Z.

How can you ensure that your hardware runs smoothly and doesn’t get in the way of achieving efficiency and results? Most of the challenges associated with hardware malfunctions are absolutely standard. That’s why Lenovo has created the Lenovo Premier Support service, which makes it possible to quickly and professionally manage the performance quality of your devices.
Lenovo Premier Support will allow you to save on hardware maintenance costs, and will allow your IT forces to focus on strategic technical infrastructure challenges.
However, in the event of non-standard situations, a global team of highly qualified Lenovo technicians is ready to help you.

88% of Premier Support Users Would Recommend Premier Support to a peer

88% of Lenovo customers indicate they would recommend Premier Support to a peer. The willingness of customers to recommend a company’s services to others is a crucial indicator of whether the company is delivering. It is the benchmark for overall satisfaction and brand loyalty.

91% of Premier Support Customers Would Purchase it Again

91% of Premier Support customers indicate they would purchase again. As consumers, we all have the capacity to vote with our wallets. If a service does not meet expectations, cancellation (or not renewing) is the clearest message we can send. Lenovo is pleased to report that more than 9 in 10 Premier Support users would buy again.

Lenovo Premier Support meets or ecceeds its peers in 19 of 20 attributes

When measured against competitors, Lenovo Premier Support meets or exceeds its peers in 20 of 21 attributes encompassing the PC support experience.

  1. Support technician’s communication skills
  2. Support technician’s comprehension of the issue
  3. Phone support technical expertise
  4. Onsite response time
  5. Ease of troubleshooting
  6. Resolution on the first contact
  7. Follow-through on promises made
  8. Ability to meets SLAs onsite
  9. Online technical support
  10. Self-support resources
  11. Proactive support
  12. Support technician technical knowledge
  13. Support technician attitude
  14. Wait time to reach support technician
  15. Phone support availability
  16. Onsite technical expertise
  17. Technical Account Manager engagement
  18. Account manager ownership of larger problems
  19. Repair parts availability

Advanced Technical Support, 24x7x365, in more than 100 markets

Customers with the Premier Support service can receive specialised technical support at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. Lenovo is pleased to offer the highest level of technical support and thanks to the professional Premier Support specialists, customers in more than 100 different markets around the world enjoy this service.

Lenovo Premier Support consists of

Advanced technical support available 24/7/365

Full hardware and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software support

One-stop-shop principle for easier case management from A to Z

Dedicated service manager for proactive communication and case management

Priority in providing service and repair parts

Lenovo Service Connect portal account for specialised reports and product support

Lenovo Support plans

Ordering Lenovo Premier Support is easy!

1. Find the serial number of the device
2. Visit
3. Enter the device serial number in the Search Support field
4. Click the Premier icon
5. Select your preferred enquiry type: Call (+370 52143332) or eTicket (electronic enquiry)

If you choose Call, select your preferred contact telephone number (for assistance in English). If you choose eTicket, Lenovo technicians will contact you.

That’s it!

We designed Lenovo Premier Support so you can focus on your own lofty and ambitious goals in everyday life, without having to worry about technical problems at all!