Lenovo SDI – the next generation IT infrastructure solution


Lenovo introduces yet another innovation that will thrill businesses and organizations burdened with complex IT infrastructure maintenance. The Lenovo SDI solution, tailored to meet your needs, allows you to simplify and optimize routine data center operations, saving time and reducing costs in the long run.

Lenovo ThinkAgile Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is set to replace traditional data centres, which require a significant amount of expertise and time to manage. It’s an all-in-one solution so that the customer can freely access all the resources they need, such as the network, performance parameters and storage, with dedicated Lenovo XClarity access. This access is also relevant for businesses whose demand for resources fluctuates constantly and where traditional data centers simply cannot keep up. Rather than trying to predict the future, how much and what resources will be needed in the next phases of operations, employees can rest assured that Lenovo ThinkAgile SDI will adapt flexibly and rapidly to any changes.

In response to the hybrid working model becoming totally acceptable and normal, Lenovo engineers predict that such SDI solutions are the best choice for the long term. Not only the nature of the workplace itself but also the resources it requires, their location and access will become hybrid in the future. This is the principle that has guided the development of Lenovo SDI, which provides the security of traditional data but also enables the benefits of the Cloud. In other words, this new solution, which will be implemented in time in a company’s IT infrastructure, will allow it to react more flexibly to changes and, in the long run, enjoy lower bills.

To provide the best products that meet the expectations of each company or organization, Lenovo has partnered with market-leading software developers. The result of this joint project is three different but equally powerful Lenovo SDI HX, MX, and VX devices, which are the right choice for businesses to choose when they know their specific needs.

For example, if you are looking for a hybrid Cloud solution with Azure integration, the best choice is the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX-Series with integrated Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and Windows Admin Centre. If you are just starting to explore the Cloud environment, the VMware-based Lenovo ThinkAgile VX-Series solution is a good choice. And for those who need faster virtual workstations and different hypervisors, the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX-Series with integrated Nutanix software is indispensable.

It is not only the list of software developers that makes the best results possible but also Lenovo’s own x86 server hardware, which is rated highest for its reliability and performance. Lenovo’s SDI solution is based on ThinkSystems servers, which are still unrivaled in performance and benchmark tests.

Want to upgrade your company’s infrastructure with intelligent, time and money-saving solutions? Find out more about the right Lenovo SDI solutions for you HERE.

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