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Are you planning to upgrade your company’s hardware but don’t know what to do with the old equipment? Lenovo has an environmentally friendly answer for you that will not only help you safely dispose of your old equipment, but also save you money on new equipment.

The equipment buy-back service allows you to entrust the complex process of disposing of equipment to professionals. They make sure that all the data contained in the equipment is safely disposed of and that the equipment itself is properly recycled or reused. In most cases, your equipment, which is 3-5 years old, still has considerable value. Lenovo pays you for all second-hand devices (regardless of manufacturer or model).

Lenovo Equipment Buyback Service is the best investment for those who want to upgrade in a safer, more sustainable and cheaper way.

An environmentally friendly solution

Currently, only about 20% of the world's discarded electronic equipment is sorted. Heavy metals, plastics and other hazardous substances are released into the environment from unmanaged, decaying equipment. Much of this can be recycled.

Proper management of equipment contributes to reducing global warming and gives old equipment a new lease on life.

Electronic equipment accounts for as much as 70% of all toxic waste released into the environment.

Currently, only 20% of all discarded electronic equipment is sorted.

More than 50 million tonnes of electronics are discarded every year...

...worth more than €38 billion.

Why take advantage of Lenovo's equipment buyback service?

  • All obsolete and unused technical equipment is collected and safely removed from your company
  • Checking which equipment can be reused and which components can be used to produce other equipment
  • Ensuring that waste is properly sorted to the highest standards
  • Secure destruction of all data on devices
  • A report detailing all the steps in the service is sent
  • In return for using the available devices, you receive money
  • The service covers equipment from any manufacturer (computers, monitors, smartphones).

How does the Lenovo Equipment Buyback Service work?

You fill in the Lenovo request form with the devices to be repurchased (at least 30 units in the EU, at least 50 units in other countries)

Get a device value offer from Lenovo within 7 working days

If you are satisfied with the offer, you sign the agreement and receive a container specially designed for transporting the equipment, in which you stack the equipment to be sorted

All equipment is collected by specialists, evaluated and the final price is confirmed

All data on your devices is wiped in line with the latest and most advanced security standards

Within 90 days, you will receive a detailed Lenovo report detailing the entire inspection process (date of collection, serial numbers, defects or missing parts) and a certificate stating that your data has been safely removed from the device

Within 30 days, you will receive the amount of money from Lenovo as specified in the offer


Take advantage of the opportunity to update your hardware safely. Contact Lenovo with your device request