Lenovo ThinkVision: a new generation of monitors for modern-day working


If you use a computer at work, you often need two or more devices. A Forrester survey* conducted last year showed that over half of those who work in the IT sector use three or more devices daily. These include smartphones, tablets, and additional monitors.

We are truly “glued” to our screens, aren’t we? Even so, the era of this modern way of work is no doubt about to catch on, and it’s a good idea to set the highest possible bar in terms of quality when it comes to choosing a monitor. That stated, Lenovo now introduces the renewed ThinkVision generation, whose name wholly embodies pragmatism.

There is innovation afoot at every stage, from manufacturing to packaging, all with the goal of ensuring the most user-friendly device possible. For example, a panel of optometrists was assembled to find the best solution to help protect the user’s vision from the harmful effects of blue light. The result: Eyesafe® technology enables high colour resolution and a truly eye-safe image. Lenovo has taken a similarly innovative approach in the field of sustainability, whereby 85% of the plastic used in the production process is now recyclable, with 85% of the plastic used in the packaging process now eliminated.

The ThinkVision monitors’ updated, ergonomic design makes them even more user-friendly – the benefits are not just environment-related. These devices have docking station functionality, and they meet the aforementioned need for peripherals at work perfectly. Meanwhile, for those who engage in remote video conferencing on a daily basis, there is the optional MS30 + MC60 modular camera and speaker solution, usable with ThinkVision xx-30 monitors.

Lenovo’s focus on the different needs of the modern workplace makes it possible to divide ThinkVision xx-30 generation “newcomers” into several groups. The T-series is worth a look if you’re looking for a reliable assistant for everyday tasks. The T32h-30 and T27h-30 monitors with 2K QHD resolution, and 32″ and 27″ diagonal displays respectively, are USB-C enabled, and they have an integrated LAN/RJ-45 connection and support the modular MS30 + MC60 solution. Meanwhile, there is the T24i-30 with FHD resolution available for those who want a smaller screen.

For those who need two, three, or more displays, the P-series monitors will be the perfect choice, with their professional-grade resolution settings. The 4K UHD resolution and 32″ diagonal display P32p-30 model with 95% DCI-P3,99%sRGB colour reproduction will let you enjoy outstanding image quality. For those familiar with daisy-chain benefits, the 2K QHD P27h-30 and P24h-30 monitors (with 27″ and 23.8″ diagonal displays respectively) support daisy-chain operation with up to 4 monitors. In addition, all these models offer a modern modular camera and speaker solution.

Finally, the modern era of work is distinguished not only by multiple displays per worker but also by the ability to collaborate productively over a distance, with no restrictions as a result of geographical coordinates. The T27hv-30 and T24mv-30 monitors are designed with this in mind: they come with an integrated camera and speaker. For a truly high-quality video conversation, there is a dedicated Microsoft Teams button, auto-connect and noise cancellation features, and other speaker-oriented settings in place help to keep the conversation intact.


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