Benediktas Vanagas: Dakar and technology unite us


Lenovo Baltic Office and Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics, a team led by Benediktas Vanagas, have signed a cooperation agreement to enter the 2024 racing season, which includes the Dakar and the European Baja Cup.

According to Lenovo’s Head of the Baltics, Audrius Klimaitis, this partnership not only helps B. Vanagas’ team to achieve the highest results but also contributes enormously to increasing the awareness of the Lenovo brand in the Baltic States and the promotion of Lenovo’s equipment for business.

“Benediktas used to say that he is on his way with those who are on their way with him. We are on our way with those who believe in, trust and use Lenovo equipment, and Benediktas is a loyal Lenovo fan and has been working with Lenovo equipment since his IBM days”, says Klimaitis.

The Dakar Rally is a battle against challenging terrain, extreme conditions, physical capabilities and the limits that #ToyotaGazooRacingBaltics continuously pushes.

Lenovo’s focus on durability and reliability stands out in the business world. Machinery built for challenging and gruelling speed stretches, piloted by professionals in their field, is the right choice for those seeking the very best results.

Different equipment for different speeds, with a different set-up to meet and withstand the challenges. Just as Benediktas Vanagas chooses his driving style, wheel pressure and calibrates the race computer settings before each stage, Lenovo prepares specialised kits for each customer’s different speed streches, tailored to their needs, and to make their “races” a winner.

“Part of the life of a sportsman is working with brands. I told myself many years ago that I would not compromise my values. That’s why we only work with products or brands that we believe in. Lenovo is no exception. Even if we were not partners, I would most likely use this equipment. I think that says it all.”, says Benediktas Vanagas.

The Dakar is the world’s most popular challenge, attracting fans in more than two hundred countries. In Lithuania, it is phenomenally popular. Benediktas Vanagas has made a significant contribution to this.

Lenovo, as a multinational corporation, operates worldwide. Business customers and home users choose and trust Lenovo products for work and leisure, which is why Lenovo has long been the world’s No. 1 computer manufacturer.

The decision to participate in Dakar is a tacit commitment to go beyond physical and emotional limits. To go beyond “I can’t”, “it’s not for me”, “it’s hard, I can’t do it”, “what will others think”. The starting point is the latest equipment calibrated for victory, Teamwork and personal preparation. These three things apply in everyday life to achieve results: flawless, up-tempo, durable machinery; a supportive and helping team of advisors, colleagues or managers; and the same readiness to storm the heights.

Benediktas Vanagas goes through and into challenges with the latest, innovation-driven technology, whether it’s a race car, service trucks, new base technology, office equipment, smart solutions or a personal computer and workstation.

Another Dakar and another season of special stages and races are ahead.

You can find out about equipment for your own Dakar in our offers section and buy it from Lenovo partners.

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