Lenovo continues its partnership with ejimas.lt and invites to an event in Vilnius


The best decisions are made when we take a step back from the day-to-day work, go for a walk and let our thoughts take shape on their own. Then work moves a hundred times more productively.

When problems at work seem too overwhelming and have implications for relaxation, it’s time to break them down into smaller ones. Perhaps a lack of motivation is due to routine at work? Perhaps the routine itself can be “shaken off”?

If you’re challenged by computer equipment that can be described as a peer with a constantly flashing screen, it’s time to refresh. For seasoned pros, newcomers and start-ups alike, the powerful ThinkPad P workstation series is the answer. Don’t want to be stuck in one place? You’re on your way with durable ThinkBook laptops designed to withstand the ambitions of professionals on the move. And for those who want to face challenges prepared, the ThinkPad X1 series, now with the added incentive of free ADP One insurance.

Lenovo at work and home – always a good move!

If everything is clear and simple with technology, things can be more complicated around you. The solution? Ask your colleagues on a walk, even if it’s a simple “Well, how’s it going?”. As you walk side by side, you’ll see how emotions calm down and give way to a sober mind that dictates a peaceful tone. Not only will it make it easier to talk, but it will also make it easier to listen to each other’s opinions. Over time, these activities can become a tradition that motivates the whole team to work together to achieve the highest results.

At Lenovo, we are convinced that a balance between work and rest is the key to productivity, so we invited you to participate in the ejimas.lt event in Kaunas in spring.

This time we will cover the most unexpected corners of the capital city with steps and experiences. See you in Vilnius on the 25th of September at the event “Walking that Changes”.

Registration and more information – ejimas.lt

Also, follow the event on Facebook for a chance to win Lenovo giveaways.

Lenovo is a partner of ejimas.lt.

We are happy to contribute to the “Walking that Changes” event in Vilnius. Lenovo is constantly looking for technological solutions to improve productivity, speed and employee experience. Walking with Value is about a responsible, sustainable relationship with the environment. Sustainability is one of our core priorities. That’s why we are on our way. Lenovo offsets all CO2 emitted during the production, transport and use of equipment in support of the United Nations Climate Change initiatives.

By 2021, Lenovo will be the world’s leading global energy efficiency and climate change initiative. In the Baltic countries, Lenovo offset 16,067 cubic tonnes of CO2.

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