The Lenovo ThinkPad P Series is designed for those who work with tasks that require extreme computing power. Choose a trusted ally for your challenges at work.

• Lots of Excel sheets on your screen?
• Are you constantly communicating remotely and doing at least a few more tasks online with your team?
• Using three or more monitors simultaneously?
• Programming?

Diagnosis – you are a “power user” because your challenges and daily work require a lot of computer power.

The Lenovo P Series is the right choice for you.


Check out the following models:

• Are you an editor, advertising producer, video artist?
• Do you work with 3D objects and modelling, architectural drawings?
• Is your challenge product design?

The Lenovo P Series is designed to meet your challenges.


Check out the following models:

• For virtual reality (VR/AR) projects,
• For visualisation or image processing,
• Working with large amounts of data, for example in the financial sector, requires ultra-high-performance equipment.

The Lenovo P Series workstation won‘t get in the way of your best performance.


Check out the following models:

It’s hard to imagine graphic designers, AI scientists, engineers, SW developers, or augmented reality development without high CPU performance and flawless graphics card capabilities. When it comes to value for the money, the P Series workstation is the only alternative in the professional market.

Judita Peseckienė Lenovo Mid-market Sales Development Manager for the Baltic States

Why is the ThinkPad P Series particularly relevant for business?

ISV certificate

The Independent Software Vendors (ISV) certificate is only awarded by independent software developers and vendors when the parameters of the computer being tested allow the software to run flawlessly. For example, applications such as AutoCAD, After Effects (SFX), or Adobe Premiere Pro simply would not work without the high-performance capability of the CPU and graphics card.
All Lenovo P Series models have earned ISV certification, so you can rest assured that your equipment will perform flawlessly and meet your expectations before you buy it.

Performance Tuner

You can use your existing computer resources even more efficiently! P Series users should note that Lenovo's dedicated Performance Tuner software allows you to manage and optimise your PC's resources by directing them to where they‘re needed most.

Lenovo Premier Support

All P Series models are sold on the market with a 3-year top-level comprahencive warranty. What does this mean? Because most of the challenges associated with equipment malfunctions are completely standard, Lenovo's world-class team of technicians is ready to help you 24/7.

Durability tests

Lenovo P Series computers, like all Lenovo business equipment, have been tested to12 military standards MIL-STD810G, with as many as 20 procedures. All models in this series are durable, rugged, and reliable devices that have withstood mechanical shock, vibration, extreme temperature changes, and other tests.

Relevant for start-ups

Two things - Ubuntu and Microsoft Autopilot!
Lenovo P series models can be ordered with Ubuntu software – just contact your hardware partner.
Another service of particular interest to start-ups is Microsoft Autopilot. For this service, we have a very simple process and all the necessary competences.

Social responsibility and ecology

All Lenovo P series computers are equipped with built-in CO2 compensation service.
We believe that sustainability is a never-ending journey and that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of this century. We have developed a service for businesses to reduce carbon emissions from the production, transport, and life cycle of equipment. Lenovo's CO2 Offset service is among the world leaders in sustainability solutions. To see how the offsetting mechanism works, visit the service page