6 reasons why growing businesses choose Lenovo ThinkBook series laptops

Lenovo ThinkBook Gen 3 models feature a refined design, seamless performance and excellent compatibility.

Engineered for active daily use, ThinkBook laptops helps to maintain the right levels of motivation and productivity among your employees, achieve great performance and boost your business growth.


Storage space and flexibility

Sufficient storage capacity and the possibility to expand it ensures enough speed for processing larger quantities of data or storing them on a hard drive. This helps you save time and maintain your productivity.


Engineered for success

The 11th Gen Intel® Core or AMD Ryzen™ 5000 processors offer more choice when it comes to performance depending on your needs and daily uses.


Better visual experience for better work performance

The devices with the aspect ratio of 16:10 deliver a wider field of view and thus ensure better productivity compared to the standard models with the aspect ratio of 16:9.



ThinkBook Gen 3 series laptops have undergone rigorous testing according to military-grade standards and offer excellent durability and reliability regardless of the nature of your work or working environment.


Helps you stay connected with your team, no matter where you are

ThinkBook Gen 3 models have useful collaborative and conferencing features which facilitate cooperation among employees whether they work in the office or remotely, and which help them pursue their goals irrespective of their work style.


Striking design

A modern and refined design and a high-quality aluminium (or part aluminium) chassis are what makes ThinkBook Gen 3 series models stand out. They will add a stylish touch to your work environment, give you confidence and leave a professional impression.