Lenovo P Series – for a flawless start and growth


Start-ups, which are becoming increasingly popular in Lithuania, have huge potential. These companies focus on creating high value-added products, which are unthinkable without working with top-notch computer equipment. To grow, start-ups need to work faster and to a much higher quality than their competitors on the market. Judita Peseckienė, Sales Development Manager for mid-sized customers in the Baltics, introduces the indispensable helpers for start-ups – the P-series computers. 

It’s no secret that more often than not, start-ups prioritize the generation and testing of new ideas, which is resource-intensive. According to Ms. Judita, there should be no room for compromise when it comes to choosing a computer responsibly:

“It is hard to imagine graphic designers, AI scientists, engineers, SW developers, or augmented reality development without high CPU performance, and flawless graphics card capabilities. When it comes to value for money, the P-Series workstation is the only choice in the professional market.” 

But how do you know before you buy the equipment that it will work perfectly and meet your expectations? That’s where the ISV (Independent Software Vendors) certification, which Lenovo’s P-series deservedly has, comes in. 

Independent software developers and vendors only grant such certification if the computer being tested is capable of running the software flawlessly. For example, applications such as AutoCAD, After Effects (SFX) or Adobe Premiere Pro would simply not work without the high performance of the CPU and graphics card. 

“While most PCs are designed for MS Office environments, the P-Series workstations are designed to handle a wide range of applications that require many other settings without problems. For example, a PC with an Intel H-generation processor and an Nvidia RTX A2000 or A3000 graphics card outperforms a regular PC by light-years,” Lenovo said, offering more examples. 

Here Judith invites Ubuntu users to stop by. Lenovo can custom-build P-series items with this software, which is very popular in the start-up world. 

“We can modify things to suit the customer. In Estonia, we have very successful experience with their start-ups. I can be very specific. There are ‘start-ups’ who buy Lenovo P1 series workstations with Ubuntu, which are customised according to the very clear needs of the client,” says Judita Peseckienė. Lenovo partners can configure the workstation to the customer’s requirements. 

Finally, for those who want to choose the right P-series powerful business PC for their work, it is best to consider the specifics of the job. Here are some of Judith’s suggestions for those looking for a workstation that has earned the trust and respect of many a start-up:

“For the most demanding projects, I would recommend the highest-performance desktop PCs – the ThinkStation P620 with AMD or the ThinkStation P350 Tower with an Intel processor. If you prefer a portable workstation, the choice is even wider. The ultra-light and powerful ThinkPad P14s Gen 2 with integrated graphics adapter delivers excellent performance, while the ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 and ThinkPad P1 Gen4 are very popular with programmers and data analysts.

P-Series users should also be aware that existing PC resources can be used even more efficiently with Lenovo’s dedicated Performance Tuner software, which optimizes PC resources by directing them to where they are needed most.

Another service of particular interest to start-ups is Microsoft Autopilot. 

“At Lenovo, we believe that Autopilot and the modern workplace are synonymous. We have a very simple process and all the necessary competencies to provide this service,” Judita Peseckienė says. 


You can find out more about all the Lenovo P Series offers HERE. 


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