Why partner with Lenovo?


As much as 95% of Lenovo equipment sold in the Baltics reaches customers from companies belonging to the partner programme. These business partners work closely with Lenovo to ensure that every customer is satisfied and receives special discounts, equipment warranty terms and the highest level of service. Agnė Urbelionė, Lenovo Sales Representative in the Baltic States, explains more about why it’‘s worth becoming an official Lenovo partner. 

First of all, the Lenovo Partner Programme is aimed at all companies that sell computers and computer equipment. As the programme coordinator says: “The criteria for becoming a Lenovo Partner are quite simple. The most important thing is that the company itself is interested in selling Lenovo equipment, understands the value of the overall strategy, and that further cooperation based on trust will help to achieve the desired results.”

According to Agnė, Lenovo also understands that the benefits must be mutual, which is why one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers devotes a lot of resources to a successful collaboration. “The package of benefits is truly diverse: business partners receive training and competency development on the latest products, various events and marketing materials, special pricing offers, demonstration PCs, as well as partner nomination and financial returns based on annual turnover. 

Depending on the results they achieve, members of the Partner Programme are awarded Silver, Gold or Platinum status. The latter is the highest level of recognition, and Lenovo currently has as many as 16 official representative in Lithuania, 3 in Latvia, and 7 in Estonia. 

“I have no doubt that the number of companies in the Baltic States that have been awarded the highest level of recognition will only increase – all the necessary conditions are in place,” says Agnė Urbelionė, the programme coordinator, delighted with the partners’ achievements. 

Sustained and long-term cooperation and the consistent pursuit of objectives have led to the implementation of a number of partner projects over the past year. Some of the largest companies in the Baltic States have been equipped with the latest Lenovo computers and computer equipment. Among them are Swedbank, MV Group, SBA Group, TransferWise Ltd. and other giants in their field. As Agnė says, “It looks like we will be able to implement equally ambitious projects this year, so new members of the programme are always welcome.”

Want to become a Lenovo partner? Contact us! More details here: https://www.lenovopartnerhub.com/


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