Lenovo is taking a new step in the Baltics: “We will be sharing product and service knowledge more actively” – Smarter Technology


Smarter technology for all!

This is how Lenovo, which is currently the most popular hardware manufacturer in the world, is outlining its mission and ambition for the next decade.

A mission like this is difficult to accomplish without being close to your user and customer, without trying to proactively present the uniqueness of your products and services, and without having feedback from the user community.

“We have a lot of business and home users in the Baltic States, and we want them to enjoy the devices they have, take advantage of all the opportunities we provide, become familiar with unique features, know our services, and be the first to receive news. It was precisely for these reasons that we came up with smartertechnology.lt – an informational page for current and potential Lenovo customers as well as tech enthusiasts and critics,” says Audrius Klimaitis, head of Lenovo’s Baltic office.

At smartertechnology.lt, you will find the latest information about the most relevant products and services, unique offers for business and home users, more information about specific products, as well as reviews and Lenovo news.

If you use Lenovo devices, always contact your Lenovo partner for options and offers; use the Partner Locator feature to purchase products. https://support.lenovo.com/lt/en/partnerlocator

If you are a tech professional or enthusiast. Maybe you want to share your insights about products. Or maybe you want to be the first to try out the latest Lenovo devices on your Vlog – contact us at info@smartertechnology.lt

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