How to choose the right equipment for the meeting room?


The modern enterprise is unthinkable without a modern meeting room, whose main purpose is to integrate remote colleagues and partners into a live interaction. To ensure that these meetings take place in time and without any technical interruptions, it is worth investing in high-quality equipment. Lenovo ThinkSmart series is the right choice for you, says Lenovo sales representative Adas Liubancas. 

According to the expert, every modern meeting room should have a meeting management device, video camera, good sound system, and screen. It is not only the technical parameters of the devices that are important here but also their compatibility, which is why it is best to choose equipment from one manufacturer. This is the Lenovo ThinkSmart series, designed for those who are looking for the most efficient solutions and do not want to waste time on complicated connection issues. Moreover, all devices in this series are certified to work with the most popular applications at the moment – Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. 

ThinkSmart equipment also features a solid design for all Think products, which maintains the aesthetic appearance of the meeting room. As Adas says:

“One of the most frequent requirements from customers is hidden wiring. If the customer has a space for the meeting controller, display and sound system when setting up the room – they may not be visible at all. For all other cases, Lenovo’s solution is perfect, as it allows having just one cord on the table and maintain an overall solid look.”

Lenovo now has a wide range of devices to choose from, allowing you to find the right equipment for your space. For a small meeting room, for example, Adas recommends the ThinkSmart HUB and ThinkSmart CAM solution: “The microphones in the HUB are sufficient for such a room, and the camera with integrated artificial intelligence does its job flawlessly, for example, automatically highlighting the speaker”. Meanwhile, those looking for equipment for a large space should opt for ThinkSmart HUB + CAM + BAR or all-in-one box ThinkSmart Core Full Set.

Here are a few more of Ado’s ThinkSmart offerings to keep in mind:

ThinkSmart View. This unit is designed for individual workstations or small call rooms, which are becoming very popular in new business centres. ThinkSmart View boosts productivity – employees can always keep track of their Teams meeting agenda and join a meeting at the touch of a finger, while the computer itself remains unoccupied.

ThinkSmart HUB. This is Lenovo’s most popular device for meeting management. “The all-in-one system has as many as 4 built-in microphones, good speakers and a handy touchscreen to control your Teams or Zoom meeting. This unit is suitable for small to medium sized meeting rooms (up to 16 people). It uses a single cable solution to maintain a solid meeting room image, and the unit’s 360° rotatable screen makes it easy to use from anywhere in the room.

ThinkSmart CAM: A professional camera with built-in artificial intelligence that fits perfectly with the ThinkSmart HUB system. The camera features high quality 4K resolution images, wide viewing angles, automatic zoom and speaker tracking. The camera also counts the number of attendees in the room to track meeting room attendance statistics using ThinkSmart Manager software.

ThinkSmart BAR / BAR XL. These are audio and microphone systems. The BAR has four built-in microphones that will work well in a room up to 10m away. You can choose the BAR XL for longer distances, with two additional external microphones that can easily be mounted on a table. In addition, BAR features ultra-high-quality loudspeakers, suitable for the smallest to the largest of spaces.

ThinkSmart Core Full Set and ThinkSmart Core Controller. The ThinkSmart Core Full Set is everything you need for your meeting room in one box. Imagine how it can simplify equipment connection and management. Forget compatibility issues between different manufacturers and manage everything from one ThinkSmart Manager console. When you choose Full Set, you get a meeting controller, a camera and a speaker with additional microphones. Unpack, prepare and your meeting room is ready! If you already have a speaker and a camera, choose the Core Controller – the meeting controller without the extra accessories.

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