How Benediktas Vanagas’ Dakar team is equipped, or decisions that exceeded the greatest expectations


As Benediktas Vanagas starts the world’s toughest race, thousands of Dakar fans in Lithuania are watching every kilometer of the race breathlessly on their screens. In fact, it is Benediktas’ team partners and members, and most importantly, video content creator Arūnas Kisiels, who are to thank for bringing the view from the desert to Lithuania.

It’s the one that makes the extreme footage of the race available to viewers every morning and evening, so when Arūnas needed a new laptop that could handle the highest speeds of video processing, Lenovo and its partners couldn’t resist the temptation to find the best.

In previous years, Arūnas Kisielius, the media developer of Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics team, used to take his trusty Lenovo ThinkPad P53 to Dakar. In order to serve the video footage to the fans while it’s still hot, it’s often necessary to set up in a tent, surrounded by sand, where heat, cold and dust become constant companions. Fortunately for Lenovo equipment, such Dakar features are a joke. The ThinkPad P Series is held to the highest standard, and is tested by the manufacturers themselves under 20 different procedures that go far beyond sand or extreme temperatures. In other words, there was no doubt in Arun’s mind that his new laptop would also be a Lenovo ThinkPad P-series workstation, designed to keep up with the revs, but the question was which model.

What’s important when choosing a new laptop?

Weight, design, processor and graphics card capacity, or is it a compromise between price and quality? It turns out that there is much more to consider than meets the eye. The Dakar dictates its own terms, so it’s all about the finer points. The challenge for Lenovo and its partners is to offer the best solution.

At Dakar, the computer really becomes portable, so it’s important that it fits into a standard backpack.  Another condition, not only for Arūnas, but also for everyone working in the modern world, is the need to have enough connections. It’s hard to do without an extra monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, and headphones, so at least a few USB, ThunderBolt, and HDMI connections will be useful. And by no means should we leave aside the question of the specifications of the video card, which, as the video content creator himself aptly puts it, must have enough muscle. The solution, therefore, is the Lenovo ThinkPad P16.

Knowing what Arūnas will be bringing to the Dakar, we can certainly look forward to some impressive, high-quality images. The Lenovo ThinkPad P16 features a 12th Generation Intel® Core™ HX processor, NVIDIA RTX™ graphics card for the professional market and a UHD+OLED display with DisplayHDR™ 500 True Black to help bring out the finest colour nuances. What’s more, there’s no compromising with modern demands. Those who work with video material know that once editing starts, the computer’s memory resources melt away faster than snow if it fell in Dakar. That’s why the standard package is “significantly boosted” with up to 128GB of DDR5 memory and 3x 2TB NVMe SSDs.

Finally, we’ll let you in on a secret that Arūnas Kisielius has already tested his new Dakar companion and has good news. The Lenovo ThinkPad P16, specially selected and equipped for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics team’s media developer, renders video footage almost twice as fast as the previous Lenovo ThinkPad P53. This means that in the superhumanly demanding Dakar, Arūnas will now have at least a few hours of rest a day, which will likely translate into even more quality content for race fans. Good luck to Benediktas Vanagas and his team!

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