Good news for socially responsible companies: Lenovo invites you to take advantage of its Asset recovery services


Lenovo continues to delight with sustainability-oriented solutions and the launch of its equipment buyback service. This is a service where companies can not only safely dispose of old and discarded hardware but also get cash back for recyclable components or reusable equipment. 

Lenovo continues its sustainability mission with the equipment buyback service following the launch of the Zero CO2 campaign a few years ago, which supports UN climate change initiatives. According to Audrius Klimaitis, Lenovo’s Country Manager, this Lenovo innovation is particularly relevant for companies that are investing wisely in their future and the future of the environment: 

“Lenovo is always striving to deliver attractive, convenient and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers. The Equipment Buyback Service is just that. It takes care of the headaches that corporate executives face with obsolete equipment: how to dispose of it properly, what to do with the important data left on the devices and how to save money when buying new equipment.”

While it is important for a thriving business to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances, the statistics on the constant renewal of equipment speak eloquently against the environment and sustainability. As much as 70% of all toxic waste discharged into the environment is made up of obsolete and disused electronic equipment, of which only about 20% is currently properly sorted. Moreover, such equipment contains many components that can be resurrected, with a market value of around €38 billion annually. The value of the market is estimated at around US$ 38 million. 

The new equipment buy-back service is not only aimed at sustainability-conscious companies but also those who know the importance of data security. Even if a company’s hardware is no longer in use, it may still contain important documents. Lenovo, renowned for its security solutions, ensures that all repurchased equipment is cleaned to the highest industry standards and provides customers with certificates to prove the transparency of the process. 

To take advantage of this service, companies just need to fill in the Lenovo questionnaire and indicate all the devices they are recycling (at least 30 items). When you contact Lenovo, you will receive an offer and a special container for your equipment, and the process is then handled by specialists. By the way, you are welcome to recycle equipment from any manufacturer, as well as all types of devices – from computers to phones, data storage devices, server equipment, etc. 

Planning to upgrade your company’s hardware? Find out how to do it more sustainably, safely, and profitably. Find out more about Lenovo’s Equipment Buyback Service HERE.

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