Lenovo success in the German public sector: how are unconventional security solutions being discovered?


Keeping information secure on an ongoing basis is becoming a major headache not only for businesses but also for national governments and the public sector. There is a constant search for ways to simultaneously protect important data without preventing the normal functioning of institutions. Recognizing this need, Secunet, a German cybersecurity company, has partnered with Lenovo, a hardware manufacturer, to bring the Sina Workstation S to the country’s public sector – a modern workstation that is secure from the very first step of the hardware’s production. 

Unconventional solutions for a safer workplace

National cyber security seems to be effectively addressed when there is a coherent dialogue between the public and private sectors. Secunet, a company focused on the security of the EU and NATO communities, in cooperation with the German Cyber Security Agency (BSI), has already brought a number of secure products that meet the highest standards to the national market. However, it was the partnership with Lenovo that gave birth to the SINA Workstation S workstations, which use the latest hardware components and data encryption solutions. 

The workstations are based on Lenovo’s ThinkPad series, including the ThinkPad L14, T14, T14s, L15, T15 laptops and X13 tablets. The choice of this series is no coincidence, as they already come with built-in solutions to make employees feel safer, such as a smart card reader and a ThinkShutter physical webcam cover. Meanwhile, the operating system based on Linux open-source software and the Oracle VM VirtualBox platform allows for an even higher level of security on devices.

“The Secunet and Lenovo product development teams have also highlighted the increased demand for video conferencing during the pandemic. One of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers was tasked with significantly improving GPU integration, which would increase the performance of the video card and the quality of the video itself. The solutions discovered in the factory were later complemented by SINA Apps technology, which simplified the installation process of video conferencing software, and the Secunet Desktop feature, which creates a secure environment for working. 

Lenovo engineers have also enhanced its reputation for secure computing by offering public sector-specific BIOS software to ensure that the devices run only the SINA operating system. This has proved to be a great success, and the German Cyber Security Agency now requires this level of security for all equipment manufacturers. 

Many top German authorities have already become familiar with the results of the Secunet-Lenovo collaboration, so the high level of cybersecurity here is beyond doubt. Business customers are now asking for similar workstations, and the aim is to find even more solutions with flexible configurations, different screen sizes, and a range of accessories.


“Cyber security should be in place before the equipment is unpacked”

Lenovo is a valued computer manufacturer not only in Germany but also in other European countries and in the governmental organizations of the NATO alliance. According to Audrius Klimaitis, head of Lenovo’s Baltic office, it is no wonder that the computer manufacturer, which is continuously looking for the best security practices, has become the No.1 choice in the public sector in many countries: 

This Secunet case in Germany is a perfect example of how, with the right choice of hardware partner, it is possible to ensure information security at the national level at absolutely every step. But even before that, Lenovo was known for the security solutions in its equipment that address the privacy of both the user and the data on the computer. 

Based on the belief that a user’s cybersecurity should be ensured out of the box, Lenovo has developed a dedicated ThinkShield security platform for businesses and organizations to protect against cyber hackers who pose a huge threat to information security. 

In addition to the aforementioned ThinkShutter cover, the device itself comes with PrivacyGuard, a hacking alert feature, a special USB slot lock to prevent data misappropriation, and more. And there are dozens of features for safe internet browsing, such as FIDO for secure login, a special buffer zone against attacks, hard drive encryption, backup, biometric authentication, and access control. And every device used by your company or organization can be conveniently managed by your IT department or cybersecurity professional. 

In addition, Lenovo is working hard to ensure the security of the entire supply chain. For example, a supplier of the simplest components may have to answer more than 200 questions to prove that their own company has no security gaps and can provide the same level of security for their products. And while such criteria may seem excessive at first glance, sales clearly show the simple truth that customers value and trust Lenovo’s hardware. 

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