Lenovo news for gamers: how to choose the right equipment?


Lenovo is currently the most popular manufacturer of computer equipment in the Baltic States, setting the trend for business devices and gaming PCs.
Last year, the Lenovo Legion 5 topped YouTube reviewers’ lists, but it is not the only news from this manufacturer for gamers. So how can one choose the right equipment for gaming at work and after work hours, and what are the trends for 2022? Henrikas Valantis, Lenovo’s consumer sales representative in the Baltics, shares his insights.

When choosing a PC for gaming, it is important to consider a wide range of parameters such as device speed, mobility, screen quality, number of connections, keyboard comfort and design. At first glance, this does not seem like a challenging task – there are only a handful of CPU and GPU manufacturers in the world, and nowadays, it is relatively easy to build the PC of your dreams yourself. But even if you put the best CPU and graphics card under one roof, it does not necessarily mean that you will get the most out of your device. 

Mr. Valantis stresses that devices must be designed with cooling issues in mind otherwise, you will end up with the familiar “throttling” situation where the system automatically reduces performance due to rather high temperatures. 

Lenovo pays special attention to this. All components need to be in harmony with each other. Additional software and other technologies (such as Intelligent Cooling) make the PCs stand out from the crowd in terms of performance and reliability. 

Lenovo urges you to keep in mind another key advantage of portable gaming PCs – mobility. When weight is the most important aspect, he says, it is worth taking more into account of the display parameters.  

“A notebook allows you to spend several or even dozens of hours a day in front of the screen. Therefore, the screen should be chosen very carefully. If possible, I would encourage you to choose the brightest and highest resolution (2k, 4k) displays with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz or higher. There are a growing number of such options on the market, and once you try a 16:10 aspect ratio display, you do not want to go back to the usual 16:9,” says Mr. Valantis. 

Display parameters are just as important when looking for a desktop gaming PC. As with laptops, colour accuracy, brightness (nits), refresh rate (Hz) and resolution are all significant, which is why Lenovo’s recently expanded range of monitors is particularly pleasing. 

“For those who want bright, colourful and larger (closer) images, Lenovo offers as many as six monitor variants – Lenovo Gaming (G24, G27 series) or Lenovo Legion (Y series) – with diagonal sizes ranging from 24″ to as much as 44″,” Mr Valantis points out. 

Lenovo currently has a range of gaming devices, depending on the gamer’s needs, from the IdeaCentre Gaming 5, Legion T5 and Legion T7 desktop PCs to the IdeaPad Gaming 3 or Legion 7 notebook PCs. 

Those looking for an ultra-slim PC will love the Legion S7, while Legion 5 Pro and Legion 7 are for those who want to try out the 16:10 aspect ratio mentioned above. According to Mr. Valantis, the Legion series is the gold standard in the gaming PC market: “The Legion 5 is not only fast, but also offers great value for the money. Its ‘no-frills’ design makes it ideal for both gaming and higher-performance work.” 

All Lenovo computers, whatever their individual parameters, share smart and robust design which does not scream ‘I like gaming!’. Video game fans and students favour the design, and professionals looking for higher efficiency in the IT equipment they use. If, however, you are not keen on the Legion or Gaming logos, you can choose a model from other Lenovo series, such as the IdeaPad 5 Pro or Yoga Slim 7 Pro.

Finally, gaming accessories are also an integral part of the hardware. High-quality audio and voice from the headset and microphone and fast input devices such as a high DPI gaming mouse or mechanical keyboard enrich the gaming experience and allow you to compete successfully in the virtual world. And for those who love laptops, it is a good idea to buy a backpack that can hold the device itself and all the accessories you need.  

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