Accidental Damage Protection One insurance – better safe than sorry


From accidentally spilling coffee on your keyboard to power fluctuations. Experience shows that even the most careful can have things happen to them, and then their newly purchased computer takes a lot less time to get back to life than expected.

That’s why Lenovo’s official service partners go beyond the standard warranty that comes with every device and recommend the optional Accidental Damage Protection insurance. With this insurance, you can rest assured that your computer will be adequately taken care of even in the event of the most bizarre failure.

And suppose you protect your equipment like the back of your hand and don’t leave room for even the slightest possibility of failure. In that case, it’s time to get acquainted with the new version of Accidental Damage Protection One insurance. This is an exclusive insurance service for users who are extremely careful with their computers, but who know the price of accidents and are guided by the motto, “There’s no shame in being careful.”

The most common coverage sold is for three years (the length of a business computer’s warranty), but you can ask your equipment provider to provide a quote for a more extended period. Accidental Damage Protection One insurance allows the user to register a fault once during the entire period. What’s more, you get all the usual benefits of Accidental Damage Protection for a lower price.

In contrast to the standard warranty, Accidental Damage Protection One gives you peace of mind if your device fails through no fault of the manufacturer. Even if it’s an accidental drop, splashing of liquid on the device, screen breakage, faults caused by power fluctuations, or simply a structural failure in the intended use.

Finally, leave the repair worries to the professionals – every device covered by Accidental Damage Protection One is repaired by the same service centre that carries out the normal warranty repairs (ATEA Lietuva, IBM or Inida).

No additional conditions, no additional costs. Choose the insurance offer that suits you best NOW.

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