Get ready to win with IdeaPad Gaming 3!


Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, has finally dispelled the myth that the world of PC gaming belongs to the gamers with the most expensive gear. A few years ago, the IdeaPad Gaming 3, the little brother of the pro favourite Legion, arrived on the market, proving to even the biggest sceptics that a gaming laptop can be light and powerful, and most importantly, affordable for everyone.

Budget gaming PCs don’t usually offer impressive graphics performance, but that’s not the case with the IdeaPad Gaming 3. The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics card delivers the massive graphics performance required for the most popular AAA games. Lenovo also knows how important it is to reproduce the image quality that game developers intend, which is why the laptop’s 15-inch diagonal Full HD IPS display boasts 100% sRGB colour reproduction and a 120Hz refresh rate. The IdeaPad Gaming 3’s visual capabilities are further enhanced by an HDMI 2.0 connection, allowing you to connect an additional display to your device.

It also turns the idea that a gaming device has to be gigantic, bulky and defiantly designed on its head. Weighing just over 2 kg, the IdeaPad Gaming 3 lives up to its name as a notebook. The onyx black finish gives it a very solid look, but don’t be fooled – underneath the classy exterior is the latest in technology: the IdeaPad Gaming 3 comes with the new AMD Ryzen™ 5000 H-Series or the powerful Intel 11th Gen H processor.

And while Lenovo is designing a notebook that appeals to every user, it’s retaining the keyboard dedicated to the true geek, which everyone who has played a PC game at least once in their life knows is important. Ergonomically positioned keys with 100% sensitivity and special Microsoft Precision Touch technology help turn even the slightest movement into a lightning-fast on-screen victory. And best of all, the soft blue backlighting on the keyboard lets you tame the game any time of day.

IdeaPad Gaming 3’s sound quality adds an extra dimension to the gaming experience, with integrated Dolby Audio™ speakers to make sure no enemy is left unheard when they approach. What’s more, the sound system will never be drowned out by the roar of an overheating PC. It’s built with the most advanced cooling solutions, dissipating up to 41% more heat than previous generation coolers.

Finally, with IdeaPad Gaming 3, you won’t have to worry about your game being interrupted at the most exciting point by a dead battery. Rapid Charge technology allows the device to charge 80% in just one hour!

Take a strong step into the virtual world with IdeaPad Gaming 3 – available from Lenovo’s official partners. Find more winning offers HERE.

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