The first ThinkPad, launched in 1992, entered the fledgling notebook market with a strong statement: the new ThinkPad will be synonymous with the most comfortable and productivity-boosting business-class device ever made. Driven by a thirty-year fascination with the latest technology, Lenovo is now the #1 PC manufacturer worldwide.


Historical achievements


The solid design of the first ThinkPad was inspired by the practical minimalism that dominates the Eastern aesthetic. The Japanese black lacquered bento lunchbox perfectly reflected the designers’ requirements for a new laptop – user-friendly, yet elegant.


ThinkPad’s ever-more modern design has kept pace with functionality and the latest technology. In 1997 the ThinkPad 770 was the first laptop in the world to have a DVD reader, and the ThinkPad 701, born a few years earlier, featured the world’s first auto-extending Butterfly keyboard. This butterfly wing-like feature was a hit with the business world, and you can still see it at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


Creative and user-friendly engineering solutions have meant that it is not only on Earth that the reliability of these devices is never in doubt. The ThinkPad 750c was in space as early as 1993, and from 1998 to the present day, ThinkPads are the only laptops that are used on the International Space Station and meet its official standards.


ThinkPad is now easily recognisable around the world. But to make the laptop usable in every corner of the world, engineers and designers have spent thousands of hours finding the most advanced technical solutions. ThinkPad is unmistakable because even the smallest detail replicates the real human experience of using a computer.


Four technology solutions that have made ThinkPad popular around the world:


Every ThinkPad is made from the lightest and strongest materials available in the industry today. As strong asthe carbon fibre, magnesium alloy and stainless steel used in airplanes and F1 racing cars, it’s all used to create a device that’s impact-resistant, super-rugged and lightweight.


Metal ThinkPad hinges last up to 50% longer than other laptops on the market. Lenovo is proud of this achievement – these durable, uniquely designed hinges have been tested by folding and unfolding the device screen 30,000 times!


Since the days of the legendary Butterfly keyboard, every button has been given special attention, so you’ll still recognise your ThinkPad keyboard even when you close your eyes. Soft, lightning-fast keys, comfortable spacing and a spill-resistant keyboard* are inseparable from the ThinkPad name.

* ask for exact water resistance for each ThinkPad model individually


Finally, the iconic red trackpoint button, nestled between the keys. ThinkPad’s innovative solution has led to productivity being calculated in nanoseconds, saving energy at the smallest step.

Testing methods

Lenovo ThinkPad has earned its reputation as the most reliable laptop on the market with a long and consistent track record. Knowing that the bar for quality is rising at breakneck speed in the age of technology, Lenovo’s engineers have improved their testing methods time after time.

The usual international industry requirements for ThinkPad laptops are just a prelude to an extensive testing process. The many testing techniques developed by Lenovo’s own engineers are complemented by the Army’s specific Mil-SPEC 810G standards – 12 methods and 26 procedures designed to determine the device’s usability under the most extreme conditions.

12 different testing methods:

Low pressure
High temperature
Low temperature
Temperature shock
Solar radiation
Sand and dust
Explosive atmosphere
Vibrations of shipboard equipment

Thinkpad. 30 years on the road. 30 years together.

A few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that a computer could be even a step away from the desk. Now, it would be hard to find a place in the world that ThinkPad hasn’t visited.

From the depths of the ocean, to the peaks of Mount Everest, to the trials of NASA’s space expeditions, the iconic Lenovo ThinkPad has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for 30 years. A journey that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the constant search for the best technical solutions, driven by the desire to fulfil even the smallest of customer wishes.

That’s why Lenovo invites you to take pride in the achievements of 30 years of friendship – from the computer project once known as Aloha to the millions of people who say “Hello!” to their Lenovo ThinkPad every day.