ThinkVision Series monitors - a synergy of essential features and good value

Working with two or more monitors has become common practice in organisations. It goes without saying that it helps employees work faster, work more comfortably and achieve better results. The biggest challenge now is quality.

What is the resolution of the monitor? Image quality? The resolution? Does the monitor have enough connections? Does it not overload the workstation with wires? Is the screen adjustable, for height and tilt angle? Can it be rotated 90 degrees, which is particularly important for programmers?

Is price important to you when choosing a monitor?
Pay for the features you use. Consider the ThinkVision E Series.
It’s everything you need, without overpaying!

Key features of monitors for business

How to choose a monitor that motivates your employees? Pay attention to these features!

Monitor diagonal
Monitor resolution
Integrity. Are there enough connections?
Monitor adjustment - easy height, tilt angle adjustment

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ThinkVision E24-28
ThinkVision E27-20Q

ThinkVision E24-28 - Design and ergonomics for productivity

Enhance your modern workplace with a device that will motivate your employees and help them achieve their goals.

The ThinkVision E24-28 is the choice for those who, in addition to the high resolution, image quality and 23.8″ diagonal, also need 360-degree height and tilt adjustment, but are on a tight budget. These features, combined with an ergonomic design, increase comfort and productivity. It is a workhorse for everyday challenges. This ThinkVision series model also features HDMI in addition to DP, VGA and audio connectors, which is often an important feature for employees.


Smooth image

Full-HD resolution with In-Plane Switching (IPS) ensures a bright picture at different viewing angles. The three-sided NearEdgeless bezel allows you to conveniently calibrate a multi-screen workstation for a range of multifunctional tasks. Importantly, the monitor is TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort certified, ensuring minimal eye strain and no eye fatigue.


In line with the evolving requirements of the next generation workplace, the ThinkVision E24-28 has a wide range of connectors such as DP, VGA and HDMI, which allows convenient and quick connection of the monitor, which is especially important in open plan offices where employees come to work and are free to change their workspace. This model is equipped with high-quality speakers, which improve the quality of work.

Designed for convenience

This monitor is designed with the worker in mind. The ThinkVision E24-28 offers height adjustment up to 155 mm. Tilt angles range from -5 to 22 degrees, swivel angles of up to 360 degrees around its axis, and the screen plane can be rotated by 90 degrees, which is important for programmers. No strain on your neck and back. Optimise your workstation.

ThinkVision E27-20Q - Affordable QHD monitor for an ergonomic workday

QHD resolution, comfort, brightness - that's ThinkVision E27-20Q.

This ThinkVision model is designed with people working from home or in the office in mind. For those who need more than a single screen but don’t want to invest too much in peripherals. The functional monitor stand allows you to work for long periods of time. The QHD display delivers the brightness you need and lets you see more on the same screen.

Exceptional image brightness

The purpose-built E27-20Q gives users exactly what they need - 1.77 times more pixels than an FHD display. This is important for those working with large amounts of data and graphics, because every dot and dash is clear. "In-Plane Switching provides a wide viewing angle and equally good viewing from different sides. The display covers 99% of the sRGM colour gamut, so beginner videographers can see accurate colours in photos and videos. NearEdgeless display frames conveniently separate multiple desktops.

Designed to serve by its nature

The ThinkVision E27-20Q is packed with features focused on maximum productivity. A convenient stand, the necessary HDMI and DP connectors, Audio Out connector, and built-in audio equipment ensure both meeting comfort and quality media output.

Convenience is a top priority

Working from home or the office must be physically convenient. The monitor's ergonomic stand allows you to adjust it comfortably by swivelling, tilting and adjusting to your sitting position.
The screen has built-in Low Blue Light technology, which limits the flow of harmful blue light to the eyes without compromising the rendering of other colours in the spectrum.
The screen is certified by the popular TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort and TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free certificates, guaranteeing maximum eye protection. The monitor is suitable for use in bright environments, daylight and darkness.