The shift to hybrid work has dissolved the once-secure perimeters of our workspaces. In this evolving landscape, every endpoint — remote workers, smart devices, home offices, shared networks, IoT devices, are now a potential attack surface. Statistics speak louder than words:

● It takes an average of 266 days to detect and contain a breach.
● A data breach costs $4.24 million on average globally
● An alarming 83% of companies have suffered a BIOS or firmware attack below the OS.

The time to adapt and protect is now. Using Lenovo Security Services — regain control, secure your endpoints, and embrace the new work model fearlessly.

Safe Endpoint & Update

Lenovo ThinkShield brings back control over your endpoints, ensuring your business data and devices stay secure no matter where they are.

Utilize Geofencing for automatic device lockdown when boundaries are breached. Secure at-risk devices, selectively erase data from exposed endpoints and remotely manage supervisor passwords — all compliantly.

Lenovo ThinkShield: Safe Endpoint benefits:


Track hardware

Report and alert on hundreds of hardware attributes

Monitor device leasing reports

Track new device activations and connection history

Leverage pre-built and custom reports

Flag missing devices and be alerted when they connect to the internet

Monitor Installed Software

Assess installed software by device or population

Capture Device Insights

Collect Absolute defined data points from the DataExplorer Library

Configure the collection of custom data points tailored to specific needs using the DataExplorer Builder

Assess Device Security Posture

Encryption status reporting

Anti-malware status reporting

Measure Device Usage

Assess device usage by analyzing login/unlock and device interaction events

Report on average daily usage by device

Report on visited websites and understand the ROI from Web Apps in your environment

Identify Sensitive Files On Devices

Discover PII, PHI, PFI, SSN, GDPR data and Intellectual Property on/off network

Perform data risk assessment with estimated cost exposure

Identify devices with sensitive files syncing with cloud storage (Dropbox, iCloud, Box, OneDrive)

Monitor Device Location

Track device location with 365 days of history

Define geofences to detect unauthorized device movement

Remotely Freeze Devices

When a device hasn’t connected to the network in 30 days automatically freeze the device

Remotely Delete Data From Devices

Selectively delete files

Perform an end-of-life device wipe with compliance certificate

Enable Firmware Protections

Remotely manage supervisor passwords at scale on Lenovo devices

Secure, On-Device End User Communications

Inform users by displaying important messaging on their devices’ screen or to solicit feedback

This solution is powered by Absolute Control: End-to-End Endpoint Authority

Track, Response & Update

ThinkShield Endpoint Security (XDR) harnesses AI for robust protection, streamlining threat detection and response to minimize impact and cost from unprevented malware.

This security package helps prevent cyber-attacks on endpoints and provides an AI driven detection and response capability to deal effectively with any malware that could not be prevented, helping to minimize risk and cost to the business.

ThinkShield Endpoint Security (XDR) powered by SentinelOne unifies and extends your detection and response capability across multiple security layers, providing your security teams with centralized end-to-end enterprise visibility, powerful analytics, and AI driven response across every endpoint. This makes it easier for your security analysts to identify, prevent and stop attacks in progress before they impact the business.

Lenovo ThinkShield: Track, Response benefits:


Built-in Static AI and Behavioral AI analysis

Prevent and detect a wide range of attacks in real time before they cause damage. Core protects against known and unknown malware, Trojans, hacking tools, ransomware, memory exploits, script misuse, bad macros, and more.

Sentinels are autonomous

It means they apply prevention and detection technology with or without cloud connectivity and will trigger protective responses in real time.

Fast Recovery

Users back and working in minutes without re-imaging and without writing scripts. Any unauthorized changes that occur during an attack can be reversed with 1-Click Remediation and 1-Click Rollback for Windows.

Secure SaaS management access

Choose from US, EU, APAC localities. Data-driven dashboards, policy management by site and group, incident analysis with MITRE ATT&CK integration, and more.

Firewall Control

For control of network connectivity to and from devices including location awareness

Device Control

For control of USB devices and Bluetooth/BLE peripherals

Rogue visibility

To uncover devices on the network that need Sentinel agent protection

Vulnerability Management

In addition to Application Inventory, for insight into 3rd party apps that have known vulnerabilities mapped to the MITRE CVE database

This solution is powered by SentinelOne Singularity Control: Advanced Security Suite. This offering is suitable for company with more than 50 devices.

With Lenovo Security Services, the power of control is in your hands:

● Track Your Territory –
Monitor device activations, usage, and location.
● Access a Rapid Response Squad –
Respond effectively and quickly to halt attacks.
● Stay Updated –
Keep tabs on encryption, anti-malware, and installed software statuses.
● Remotely Manage Passwords –
Maintain the ultimate control by remotely managing supervisor passwords for Lenovo devices.
● Advanced Threat Detection –
Leverage cutting-edge AI-driven technology to detect and respond to advanced threats that may slip past preventive measures.


Manage updates for all of your devices with ease — courtesy of Lenovo.

Choose either the Lenovo ThinkShield: Safe Endpoint or Lenovo ThinkShield: Track, Response security services and get Lenovo ThinkShield Patch FOR FREE!

What’s Lenovo ThinkShield Patch?

An innovative Microsoft SCCM plugin designed to integrate with your Microsoft Endpoint Management console. This tool drastically simplifies the often complex and unpredictable task of updating BIOS, driver, firmware, and third-party software, critical to both maintenance and security.

Lenovo ThinkShield Patch gives you complete confidence that every patch will be successfully installed, every. single. time.

Key Features:

Streamlined Patching:

Efficiently monitors and identifies crucial BIOS, driver, firmware, and third-party software updates.

Persistent & Self-healing:

Backed by Absolute's agent ensuring a fail-safe delivery to the endpoint.

Absolute Confidence:

With Absolute® Software's Persistent technology, secure a 100% patch success rate, maintaining optimal endpoint security.

Elevate your cybersecurity to unprecedented heights. Choose the package best suited for you and secure your endpoint universe with Lenovo ThinkShield. Click the button below to get started, and remember: with every purchase, you get our unique ThinkShield Patch absolutely FREE.